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Property Tax Payments On Your Home Due December 10th

If you own a home, please read on......

The first installment for property tax payments in California (and most other states) is due Dec 10. The second installment is due April 10, 2022.

For now, pay the 2nd installment by next April. The reason is political: the Senate is currently debating Biden's BBB infrastructure bill, which includes a provision to increase the deduction for property taxes (SALT deductions). If passed, I'll update and advise the 2nd payment to be paid by Dec. 31

So for now, I advise the following:

PROPERTY TAXES ON YOUR MAIN HOME............. Pay the second installment next year.

PROPERTY TAXES ON INCOME PROPERTY........ Pay the second installment this year, by Dec 31

PROPERTY TAXES IF PART OF YOUR HOME IS RENTED OUT (AIRBNB)........Pay the second installment next year.

If you have questions, please let me know.

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