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Travel Expenses Are Tax Deductible

If you're self employed or run a business, this is for you...

Lots of you are probably traveling for summer and if you're in AZ, getting out of the heat! Good news is if you travel for business, those expenses are tax deductible. The purpose of the trip has to be for business and the expenses have to be ordinary and necessary in order to qualify for a deduction.

Some travel expenses that qualify include airfare (round trip), lodging (hotels/air bnb), meals on your trip, vehicle expenses like renting a car or mileage if you drove to your destination.

If you have a business travel credit card, the annual fee (if there is one) and any interest you acquire on the card are also tax deductible.

I suggest keeping track of all of your business related travel expenses throughout the year so that come tax time everything is organized and you're not scrambling to go through bank statements. QuickBooks is great for expense tracking and super easy to use. Another option is Excel.

If you have questions or want some guidance on how to track expenses, let me know.

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