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Home Office Reimbursement:

If you’re an employee and work from home, read on for more info...

You should consider getting reimbursed for your home office expenses from your employer.

The ability to deduct home office expenses on your personal tax return is limited, but there are no limits to the amounts your employer can reimburse you for.

In short, home office expenses can be reimbursed when the home office is for your employer's convenience. If you're working at home because you can and want to, those expenses are not reimbursable. But working from home during the virus is being mandated to many of you. That means it's for the employer's convenience.

Things like cell phone/supplies, equipment/furniture used for business, or if you've had to modify any part of your home, then it's possible those expenses are eligible. Even a percentage of your rent is deductible. If these amounts are adding up, you can reach out to HR to check into their current reimbursement policy.

If you have questions, please let us know.

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