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California LLC and corporate suspensions:

Good morning everyone!

If you run a business in CA as an LLC or corporation, it's important that you read on...

The #1 reason a small business entity becomes suspended is due to non filing of CA's "Statement of Information." CA mails out a tiny little postcard as a reminder, which oftentimes gets pitched. Too hard to recognize the importance: the postcard gets blended in with other direct mail pieces you receive.

But, when you don't file, CA charges a $250 penalty and will eventually suspend the entity. And there's no followup notice, so you don't know you didn't file.

Corporations file annually and LLC's file semi-annually (every 2 years).

The filing deadline is the anniversary of the entity's organization.

I suggest you make a note in your calendar to file on your due date, regardless if you receive the postcard.

To find your anniversary date, click on CA's below link and on the left, click BUSINESS SEARCH.

Then enter the corp's or LLC's state id #. And your anniversary date will appear.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have questions.

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